News IV


-Eighteen minute remix of a Mister Vapor track ( Highly experimental, pure drone bliss!.

-John Lithium also contributed a long, multi-movement track to the Brownian e/motion(s) compilation “To The Prettiest One, Volume IV”. An epic review of this compilation can be found here.

-This massive double-LP was released (collectively) on New Years Day 2014. The end result of several months of work, this is the successor to the previous compilation album “Fragments Of Persona“, and is a collection of material recorded between 2011 – 2013.

-Contributed the track “In The Dark” to the Brownian e/motion(s) compilation, focused on the prevailing sense of dread, paranoia, and unease we currently face.

-Argali Records released an album by “Flat Affect” entitled “Lobotomized Vol. 1“, collecting several rare tracks from out-of-print splits. As mentioned on the album page, “On this release, Flat Affect exudes a toxic auditory haze: an amalgamation of industrial, noise, power electronics, and drone, accentuated at points by obscured glimpses into the foreboding maelstrom of human interactions.”

-The Lithium Industries Soundcloud page continues to be updated on a semi-regular basis. Beats, drone, experimental noise, electronica…you never know what will show up next. Also, I cannot stress enough that many tracks may not remain permanently on the profile. As nearly all are Creative Commons licensed (Attribution), it is actively encouraged that you download and utilize/augment/disrupt these tracks as you see fit…


No specific plans right now. The “Music For The Rest Of Us” and “Stereo Ate My Last Tape” archives STILL need to be looked through, examined, organized, and/or fixed, but unfortunately it might be a while before this happens. No new reviews will be forthcoming until this is completed.

We would also like to release one or two more albums on Argali Records for the first quarter of 2014. Unfortunately, we are not taking unsolicited submissions at the moment, so the delay comes in us seeking YOU out, rather than the other way around. Also, for the foreseeable future, we are NOT releasing multiple albums by the same musician/band unless WE specifically agree to do so.

Also, the “The Road Ahead” compilation will be (eventually) taking new submissions. At this point, it is being updated roughly five tracks at a time. More info on this to be announced…

Hopefully this covers everything. As always, thank YOU very much for yr interest and support.

~ by John Lithium on January 21, 2014.

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