News III


-Nihil Obstat had a long-form experimental noise track included on the “Secret Contatcs: Illuminati Compilation” compilation. Listen/Download here:

–John Lithium has a short (but sweet) track on the third volume of the “To The Prettiest One” series of compilations, dedicated to Discordianism. Listen/Download here:

-Another John Lithium track has surfaced on the “Richard Likes It Slow (A Remake Of The Carpenters – “The Singles 1969 – 1973)”:

-Finally, a third John Lithium track has been submitted to yet another compilation, which should be released (hopefully) soon…

-Rounding out this update is the release of the Argali Records Netlabel compilation “THE ROAD AHEAD”, featuring many choice cuts of experimental techno, electronica, glitch and ambience. Check it out here: We were also fortunate enough to have a very kind review by the “Yes We Know It Sucks Blog”. You can find that here: It is also important to point out that this project has no set deadline for submissions, so if you like what you hear and/or feel you have something to contribute, go here ( for submission guidelines/details.

-The discography page is now up-to-date.

-As you might have noticed, the “Music For The Rest Of Us” and “Stereo Ate My Last Tape” blogs from Blogger now have their home on WordPress (for a variety of reasons). These archives have been imported in an ‘as is’ state, and unfortunately I have not been able to check to make sure the formatting came through correctly etc. Hopefully will be able to work on that soon…

-On a similar note, some of the tags are slightly misplaced/etc…


~ by John Lithium on October 3, 2013.

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