2022 News

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Hello all. Apologies for the lack of updates, as I have been mainly focused on Argali Records Netlabel activity. We currently have four quarterly experimental music/noise compilations planned for the year, in addition to a number of album releases (more details TBA). If you are interested, please check out https://argalirecordsnetlabel.bandcamp.com/ and https://argalirecordsnetlabel.com (the latter site is still in the process of being brought up-to-date).

Regarding my own work, I have basically been slowly updating the “Ephemera” collection when I have the time. In addition to this, I have also recently discovered and released a long-form drone composition from 2012 that to my knowledge has not been available in any other form. Hope you enjoy them.



2021 News III

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Hello all. Hope you are all doing well this holiday season. Here is the 2021 news wrap up with regards to my semi-infrequent musical activity.

As I refuse to use Soundcloud for a variety of reasons, the “Ephemera” album will be where singles and other non-album tracks will go. Most will have their own graphics and recording dates, when available. Check back often as I post fairly frequently. This collection was started back in July, and is different from the “Lithium Toolbox” series in that not all the tracks were designed with remixing/soundsource use in mind. Also note that, due to the ‘ephemeral’ nature of the collection, some tracks may appear and or disappear depending on my thoughts regarding them at the time, and other singles previously released by themselves may latter appear in this collection. I will attempt to keep people up to date on this via Bandcamp messages, but I have a bad habit of forgetting when busy with other endeavors.

The “Time Theories” single/EP is an experimental industrial/noise concept that I may return to later. I was hoping to do an entire LP regarding the concept and had linear notes regarding each track, but unfortunately the inspiration disappeared after the first few tracks. Might return to this in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy what was released.

Finally, the “Curse Of The Modern Error” albums were completely unexpected. During the month of November, the apartment below me had a faulty exhaust fan in their apartment which was so loud that it reverberated through the floor of my apartment and was audible in all rooms (not an amazing feat given how small my apartment is). This caused significant distress and sleeping loss due to it often running for hours on end, frequently between 12-8AM. Determined to make the best of a sub-optimal situation while waiting for the property management to fix the issue, I recorded two albums of heavily manipulated field recordings. No other synthesis was added. Pure industrial drone.

2021 News II

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Here are the compilation and mixes I have thus far had the good fortune of being a part of. The tracks from the “Cousin Silas Emporium” are from my back catalogue, but to my knowledge have not been released on any other compilation. The track from the “Vaccine Compilation” is a recently recorded single. Finally, the “Destabalising Energies” mix features a track from my early project Terra Engine (2007-2012) in addition to a single I released a year or so ago (it’s also just a huge honor to be in a mix that also features Jarl).

As always, check out these compilations and mixes in their entirety, as there are many fantastic bands, musicians, and tracks for you to discover and listen to.

Regarding my own work, beyond these tracks, I have mainly been busy with my day job and netlabel. I will be announcing the next Argali Records Netlabel compilation in June. At some point I would like to release a full length John Lithium album that is not cobbled together of various singles, but whether or not this happens any time soon is still up in the air.

Also, a quick note: I will be doing a general overview and spring cleaning of this website. This mainly means I will be removing MOST of the archived music reviews, as many of them were written for a specific college class over a decade ago, and thus may no longer reflect my current views and/or style. Some of the later reviews MAY be kept and/or re-written, but this is a low priority unless people express interest in me keeping these online.

Thank you all very much for your continued support and encouragement. I hope you all have a great day!


News 2021

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As always, I am a bit behind on updates. Here are a few recent releases. The “Beginner’s Guide” collections were made for those who wanted a general overview of my music. The “Dark Matter Sessions” is a collection of late 2020 material, namely “The Dark Matter (EP)” along with a few other tracks recorded during the same time. “Alter Ego” is the first single I have released in 2021:

Site-wide updates will eventually be coming. Other than that I am currently busy with my netlabel, Argali Records Netlabel, although I am slowly working on new material off and on. Hope you are all well.

John Lithium – Insomnia (Definitive Edition) Now Available!

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This is the ‘definitive version’ of “Insomnia”, the second solo album produced by John Lithium. Originally self-released in 2010, the album tracks were re-rendered in 2015 along with a number of bonus tracks. This album features re-mastered versions of the original nine tracks, and greatly increased the fidelity of a few of the compositions. That is not to say this is a completely polished recording, as the album “Going Places” by Yellow Swans was a huge inspiration in the recording of this album.
For better or for worse, this is my signature artistic/musical statement.
Enjoy, and may you find yourself with peaceful sleep at night.

Original album description:

“For fans of Tim Hecker, Nadja, Aidan Baker, Beyond Sensory Experience, Lustmord, Coil, Yellow Swans, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Atrium Carceri, and experimental electronica/drone/dark ambient in general.

John Lithium returns with his second ‘solo’ album: “Insomnia”. While the preceding album, “The Mysterious Stranger”, was a harrowing glimpse into the inner mechanics of a melancholic persona, “Insomnia” is an auditory study and presentation of the phenomena of persistent sleeplessness, and the changes created to the perceptive systems during this mental state.

The album restlessly moves from form to form, as clouds of darkened ambience and haze-filled drone coalesce and flow past eyes malfunctioning from weariness. A strange duality occurs as emotive triggers echo memories in your inner vision. Time itself is altered, seemingly rushing past at one moment, only to slow down to a terrifying crawl the next. Thoughts enter the abstract, as previously difficult to grasp ideals and ideological constructs become crystal-clear for a brief moment in time. The psyche becomes, as it will from time to time, a ship lost in the endless waters of the subconscious, or a lone radio receiver, desperately seeking any transmission that should make sense or provide some measure of comfort…

Music worth staying awake for. This one’s for you.

This is ARGREC10.”

In other news, I have been SLOWLY working on a collection of all-new material, tentatively titled “A Dark Matter”. This is planned to be an LP length album, as a previous EP, also titled “A Dark Matter”, was released earlier as a teaser. No definite ETA on this one, but am hoping for an early 2021 self-release. Thank you all, and stay safe out there.

News 2020

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Hello all, here is what I have been up to this year:

I also have had a few tracks on compilations (please check out the full compilation as well):

Work has begun on the third Lithium Toolbox. If you are interested in this, check back every few weeks, as I will be adding tracks to this collection on an irregular basis:

Finally, Mystified has just released an album constructed by sounds from the Lithium Industries Lithium Toolboxes I & II. Check it out here:

Inplantuation/Nihil Obstat split now available!

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Apart from a few self-released demos, this is the first ‘official’ Nihil Obstat release in about seven years. Two tracks of multi-layered power industrial sound barrages and one track of blistering power drone. Emotional noise for unemotional times. The fourth track by Inplantuation (mhzesent – https://www.facebook.com/69mhz353nt96) turns down the intensity and turns up the unsettling with a massive monolith of abstracted ambient industrialized beatscapes.

The official label release describes the split as : “Heavy object in a universe. This is good for walking the woods at dawn or reading creepypasta. :3”

Can’t argue with that.

“Least Worst Of (2016-2018)” now available!

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Collected demos, singles, and selected EP tracks composed and released between 2016-2018. Tracks 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, and 17 were remastered from the original project files. This collection features instrumental, industrial, techno, ambient, dark ambient, electronica, and experimental noise.
As indicated by the Creative Commons license, you are free to remix these tracks and/or utilize them in other works, provided that Attribution is given (please include a link to the Lithium Industries Bandcamp).

PS Will probably go on another (hopefully short) hiatus for a while in order to focus time on personal issues and the Argali Records Netlabel. Am planning to be much more active in 2020…stay tuned…


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Now out: a collection of experiments, oddities, and strange ideas, featuring a variety of genre permutations, including techno, industrial, dark ambient, black metal, electronica, and more! As always, pay what you want and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.



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Released at the end of June in 2015, this album features a remastered version of the 2010 album “Insomnia”, along with some alternate/original mixes of a few compilation tracks, a few B-sides from 2011 sessions, and finally some experimental ambient and industrial dub tracks from 2015.

“This is a collection of guitar drone / dark ambient compositions collectively known at various points as the “Psychic Negation” series of compositions. Recorded between 2011 and 2015 (with some core elements originally recorded back in 2008)…Included are the two tracks from the original 2011 “Psychic Negation” EP (the first being an extended ‘original’ mix exclusive to this release), a fifty-three dark ambient soundscape remix of the entire “Insomnia” dark ambient/industrial album (also released in 2011), a twenty-two minute drone released in 2014 dedicated to a concept found in the Dune novel series, and two experimental drone doom tracks recorded recently in 2015 (a ‘short’ version which was featured on the Lithium Industries Soundcloud and the ‘original’ version which featured a longer second half with more dark ambient/industrial elements).”

“The second remix collaboration between John Lithium and President Blair (Jon7 / Timetheory Netlabel), this release again features two long-form tracks of spaced-out experimental industrial ambient. Utilizing material from the “Lithium Toolbox” (archive.org/details/ARGREC14), a sound-source collection created for remix/soundtrack/sound-sculpture purposes, prepared tapes were then mixed in a live setting, as is customary for most President Blair releases. The end result is a seething blend of electrical discharges and cosmic radiation: a flurry of industrial movements, with experimental electronics and ambient elements as well. A must for early Controlled Bleeding and Yellow Swans fans.”

Nihil Obstat has contributed a track to the experimental music/noise Poverty Electronics “Poverty Electronics Vol. 3” compilation…

And I (as Nathan J Carter) contributed an experimental electronics/beats track to “Poverty Electronics Vol. 2” compilation…

Coming soon: a compilation featuring various Lithium Industries Soundcloud tracks (many of which never made it onto other other albums), a John Lithium track remixed by Jack Hertz coming on a compilation to be released in late September, and some original material, hopefully coming out by the end of the year…