End Of 2022 News

Hello all. Been unexpectedly busy this time of year, probably in response to planned 2023 Argali Records Netlabel activities. First up, is a short EP featuring a few tracks I recorded in 2022. This is/was released a bit differently than normal as a bit of an experiment. That experiment failed, so future releases will be released in the previously set standard method. The second release is a re-master of a 2013 album I recorded under the “Nathan J Carter” moniker. This was an idea I had been considering for a while, but decided to go for it when uploading these tracks to the YouTube site, and saw that the mixes needed more work than usual for my back catalogue. So, with a bit of polish and shine, they are presented again in their newfound splendor. This remaster is, as usual, “free/pay-what-you-want” and Creative Commons Attribution licensed, so have at it.

Thank you all for your support; I am hoping to be more active in 2023 with more new John Lithium content. We will see what the new year brings. Take care, and stay safe out there.


~ by John Lithium on December 31, 2022.

One Response to “End Of 2022 News”

  1. hi, John Lithium thank you for links. happy new yeAr Take care, and stay safe out there. Phil

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