2021 News II

Here are the compilation and mixes I have thus far had the good fortune of being a part of. The tracks from the “Cousin Silas Emporium” are from my back catalogue, but to my knowledge have not been released on any other compilation. The track from the “Vaccine Compilation” is a recently recorded single. Finally, the “Destabalising Energies” mix features a track from my early project Terra Engine (2007-2012) in addition to a single I released a year or so ago (it’s also just a huge honor to be in a mix that also features Jarl).

As always, check out these compilations and mixes in their entirety, as there are many fantastic bands, musicians, and tracks for you to discover and listen to.

Regarding my own work, beyond these tracks, I have mainly been busy with my day job and netlabel. I will be announcing the next Argali Records Netlabel compilation in June. At some point I would like to release a full length John Lithium album that is not cobbled together of various singles, but whether or not this happens any time soon is still up in the air.

Also, a quick note: I will be doing a general overview and spring cleaning of this website. This mainly means I will be removing MOST of the archived music reviews, as many of them were written for a specific college class over a decade ago, and thus may no longer reflect my current views and/or style. Some of the later reviews MAY be kept and/or re-written, but this is a low priority unless people express interest in me keeping these online.

Thank you all very much for your continued support and encouragement. I hope you all have a great day!


~ by John Lithium on May 26, 2021.

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