John Lithium – Insomnia (Definitive Edition) Now Available!

This is the ‘definitive version’ of “Insomnia”, the second solo album produced by John Lithium. Originally self-released in 2010, the album tracks were re-rendered in 2015 along with a number of bonus tracks. This album features re-mastered versions of the original nine tracks, and greatly increased the fidelity of a few of the compositions. That is not to say this is a completely polished recording, as the album “Going Places” by Yellow Swans was a huge inspiration in the recording of this album.
For better or for worse, this is my signature artistic/musical statement.
Enjoy, and may you find yourself with peaceful sleep at night.

Original album description:

“For fans of Tim Hecker, Nadja, Aidan Baker, Beyond Sensory Experience, Lustmord, Coil, Yellow Swans, Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Atrium Carceri, and experimental electronica/drone/dark ambient in general.

John Lithium returns with his second ‘solo’ album: “Insomnia”. While the preceding album, “The Mysterious Stranger”, was a harrowing glimpse into the inner mechanics of a melancholic persona, “Insomnia” is an auditory study and presentation of the phenomena of persistent sleeplessness, and the changes created to the perceptive systems during this mental state.

The album restlessly moves from form to form, as clouds of darkened ambience and haze-filled drone coalesce and flow past eyes malfunctioning from weariness. A strange duality occurs as emotive triggers echo memories in your inner vision. Time itself is altered, seemingly rushing past at one moment, only to slow down to a terrifying crawl the next. Thoughts enter the abstract, as previously difficult to grasp ideals and ideological constructs become crystal-clear for a brief moment in time. The psyche becomes, as it will from time to time, a ship lost in the endless waters of the subconscious, or a lone radio receiver, desperately seeking any transmission that should make sense or provide some measure of comfort…

Music worth staying awake for. This one’s for you.

This is ARGREC10.”

In other news, I have been SLOWLY working on a collection of all-new material, tentatively titled “A Dark Matter”. This is planned to be an LP length album, as a previous EP, also titled “A Dark Matter”, was released earlier as a teaser. No definite ETA on this one, but am hoping for an early 2021 self-release. Thank you all, and stay safe out there.

~ by John Lithium on August 25, 2020.

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