Released at the end of June in 2015, this album features a remastered version of the 2010 album “Insomnia”, along with some alternate/original mixes of a few compilation tracks, a few B-sides from 2011 sessions, and finally some experimental ambient and industrial dub tracks from 2015.

“This is a collection of guitar drone / dark ambient compositions collectively known at various points as the “Psychic Negation” series of compositions. Recorded between 2011 and 2015 (with some core elements originally recorded back in 2008)…Included are the two tracks from the original 2011 “Psychic Negation” EP (the first being an extended ‘original’ mix exclusive to this release), a fifty-three dark ambient soundscape remix of the entire “Insomnia” dark ambient/industrial album (also released in 2011), a twenty-two minute drone released in 2014 dedicated to a concept found in the Dune novel series, and two experimental drone doom tracks recorded recently in 2015 (a ‘short’ version which was featured on the Lithium Industries Soundcloud and the ‘original’ version which featured a longer second half with more dark ambient/industrial elements).”

“The second remix collaboration between John Lithium and President Blair (Jon7 / Timetheory Netlabel), this release again features two long-form tracks of spaced-out experimental industrial ambient. Utilizing material from the “Lithium Toolbox” (, a sound-source collection created for remix/soundtrack/sound-sculpture purposes, prepared tapes were then mixed in a live setting, as is customary for most President Blair releases. The end result is a seething blend of electrical discharges and cosmic radiation: a flurry of industrial movements, with experimental electronics and ambient elements as well. A must for early Controlled Bleeding and Yellow Swans fans.”

Nihil Obstat has contributed a track to the experimental music/noise Poverty Electronics “Poverty Electronics Vol. 3” compilation…

And I (as Nathan J Carter) contributed an experimental electronics/beats track to “Poverty Electronics Vol. 2” compilation…

Coming soon: a compilation featuring various Lithium Industries Soundcloud tracks (many of which never made it onto other other albums), a John Lithium track remixed by Jack Hertz coming on a compilation to be released in late September, and some original material, hopefully coming out by the end of the year…

~ by John Lithium on August 24, 2015.

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