Nihil Obstat: Rising Volume I (Compilation 2002-2012)



[Warning: the material on this album was recorded over a period of years, under a variety of conditions/mental states, and utilizing many different techniques. Thus, please use caution when listening to this album at higher than appropriate volumes]

Retrospective 2002-2012

Concisely summarizing ten years of exploring unusual avenues of auditory experimentation can be somewhat difficult, so instead John Lithium presents “Rising”: a massive two-album collection of Nihil Obstat material, ranging from personal favorites to more recently recorded material. Improvised, abrasive, and uncompromising. Utilizing a barrage of samples, field recordings, improvised percussive elements, feedback, drum machines, and harsh vocal treatments, “Rising” offers an extensive glimpse into a project defiantly exploring new methods of expression in a genre that, more often than not, uses their project to promote their pet ideological belief system or political affiliation instead of advancing noise as an art-form.

The first volume is mainly comprised of archival material dating around 2006-2007 that was recently rediscovered, along with some older Dadist material from 2002 and a recently recorded EP (the 2012 sessions). Meanwhile, the second volume features the tracks which were originally planned for the compilation when it was supposed to a one album project (some of the tracks being released for the 2012 season).

With the release of “Rising”, Nihil Obstat closes the door of the first era and, in the darkening light of the post-2012 era, continues onward.


~ by John Lithium on January 7, 2013.

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