Now accepting submissions for the “Time Will Pass” compilation on Argali Records Netlabel!




Argali Records Netlabel is now accepting submissions for the “Time Will Pass” compilation. For this project, we are mainly looking for experimental electronica, avant-garde music, industrial, IDM/glitch and similar sub-strains of these genres. However, we are not limiting submissions to these directions. When in doubt, send in a song and we will tell you what we think. If you need examples about what we are all about, feel free to not only check out our releases on Argali, but also the work of our allied netlabel friends at Timetheory, Clinical Archives, Treetrunk, etc.

Submission Guidelines: We are looking for songs/compositions/soundsculptures ranging from one to ten minutes in length. One song per band/musician, please. Preferably either unreleased and/or new material when possible. Usually we accept .MP3 or .WAV format files, although we are now accepting FLAC submissions as well. IMPORTANT: Sound files MUST be AT LEAST 128kbps .mp3 format or higher/comparable, 192kbps or higher greatly preferred. Argali Records Netlabel (via John Lithium’s “Lithium Industries” Soundcloud site) has a DropBox one can use to submit tracks. Alternatively, one can use YouSendIt to send the track to These methods are the preferred methods for getting your music to us. If you’d like to utilize a different way, get in touch either through WordPress or email and I’ll see what we can do.

Currently there is no concrete deadline for when submissions can be submitted. For the sake of this text, a tentative date of July 1st has been set, although this may be changed if needed. Though this will most likely will not be an issue, Argali Records reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason (when in doubt, ask…we don’t bite). IMPORTANT: When you submit your song, please be sure to clearly label your file with your project/song name. If you have a site/Soundcloud/etc, feel free to include that as well. We will be including an ‘band/musician’ list in the linear notes and/or graphic design of the finished project.

Pictures/Art: We are also accepting graphics/art submissions for this compilation as well. Augment your auditory experience with a visual component! In terms of what we will NOT accept, see above (basically no overly graphic/political material etc), but in terms of what we WILL accept we are basically saying almost anything goes here (especially since this is the first time the graphic design of the release was not either handled in house or by one specific individual). While Argali releases graphics usually are around 1500×1500 or 3000×1500 (basically ‘cd booklet/cover’ format), we will accept smaller or larger images (as long as it’s larger than a thumbnail and smaller than a two-bedroom apartment). Images can be sent to the email listed above, the same basic rules apply (clearly label the file, etc).

Conceptual Food For Thought: Note that these are not set in stone concepts attached to this project, but instead represents a sleep-deprived stream-of-consciousness rush of ideas meant to stimulate creativity and inspiration. Feel free to follow or deviate from these ideas as you see fit: The title and theme of this compilation is “Time Will Pass”, a phrase I chose for both being intentionally vague and conceptually rich: the permeability of time, the constant flow of time, the impermanence of individual events, and yet how they maintain an ever-present reverberation into the entire fabric of reality (and possibly others). In addition, we live in troubled times in which the actual fabric of time itself seems to be accelerating. Is this a permanent trend? How often have you heard someone or a group of people claim that things will get better ‘once we get over this rough patch’ and similar self assurances? Could it be that 2012 is the cosmological fork in the road, in which time either accelerates out of control, or stop entirely? Will the veil be lifted or will the shroud be lowered? Is despair or hope ahead?

IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/CONCERNS/ETC, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT: Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement. 🙂

~ by John Lithium on April 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Now accepting submissions for the “Time Will Pass” compilation on Argali Records Netlabel!”

  1. the actual fabric of time itself seems to be accelerating?
    I always thought that was just a side effect of growing older! I’m excited by this project and will enter a submission, thanks!

  2. I will submit one of my tracks, if you’re interested. Before I send a wav file or make you take the time to download it, you can stream my demo track on my website. Just email me if you’re interested or want to hear more. Thank you, and good luck with the project!

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