Alberich : NATO – uniformen

While many of the once ultra-limited cassette releases put out by Hospital Productions are now being sold through outlets like Boomkat, the actual cassette editions (often produced in amounts of 50 or less) still sell out extremely quickly, often before fans are even aware of their release. To make matters worse, the second-hand copies of this (and other Hospital Productions limited editions) are being resold for exorbitant amounts. Would YOU pay $500 for ANY release set that wasn’t even in absolute mint condition?

Nevertheless, most of this collection is decent power electronics, and some of the tracks are actually quite good. However, with a release this size, there are bound to be some duds in the group, but thankfully they do not detract from the overall presentation. Also, despite the relentless repetition inherent in most of the tracks, NATO-Uniformen also throws in a few welcome variations, such as the menacing drone of “God And Faith”, while “Atlantic Munitions Development” sound reminiscent of some of the earlier work of Vatican Shadow.

If you are a fan of Hospital Productions and their more recent work, then you will definitely enjoy this. If you listen to some of Cold Meat Industry’s mid-era bands such as IRM, Institut, Nod, and others, you might dig it as well (although I would recommend listening to some of the tracks before buying). However, if you are just getting into power electronics or even industrial in general, I would consider looking elsewhere first.

~ by John Lithium on October 24, 2011.

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