Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew – Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop

How could you possibly not appreciate pirate hip-hop from “the only rap group with buccaneer technique”? No, really. Basically, the premise for this group sells itself: a multi-faceted exploration of various aspects of pirate life through well-constructed hip-hop. The production of the music is one of the best aspects of this album, as every song is much more intricate and detailed than the average hip-hop song (these days), in some regards reflecting the various band member’s involvement in several other bands (mostly smaller industrial-metal bands). The lyrics, while joyously indulgent in cliches in many regards, there are also many clever and original ideas and concepts floating around as well (the best one being the sales pitch for “sea weed”).

I could write further on how awesome this album is, but few words need to be said. Instead, go check out their Myspace page for a few songs from the album. It includes the two songs which ended up being made into music videos, as well as two others of a similar nature. While all of the songs are good, some of the best songs are not featured; all the more reason to buy their CD.

Finally, the chorus from “Blackbeard’s Treasure”, which sums up the mood of the album:

I’m a bilgerat, mateys: I’m a serious sailor
I don’t need two hands just to rob from my neighbor
Hitting you with rhymes like a nine-tailed cat
We are off to sing and dig where the treasure is at
Blackbeard’s gold is all that we seek
We plunder and we steal from the old and the meek
Dropping phat rhymes every day of the week
We’re the only rap group with buccaneer technique

Myspace Page
Non-Existent Recordings (Label)


~ by John Lithium on May 24, 2007.

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