One Eyed God Prophecy – Discography

One Eyed God Prophecy was a Canadian hardcore/”post-emo hardcore/crust band active for a very short time during the mid 1990’s. They could also, arguably, be classified as “proto-screamo” as well, given that their music has been claimed to have heavily influenced Orchid and June Paik. During their short lifespan, they only managed to release one 12″ on the indie label “The Great American Steak Religion” (which also released several vinyl releases by His Hero Is Gone). Later, a fan made “discography” CD was created in 2001, featuring the original LP tracks and two live sets.

Their quick and thundering guitar and drum attack is reminiscent of many other hardcore bands, they also incorporate slower, somber interludes, including acoustic guitar segments, strange spoken word samples, and menacing synth passages. Unfortunately, while the vocals are quite expressive and emotional, they are occasionally buried deep within the mix, one of the few negatives of the album in general.

While not incredibly groundbreaking, it is by no means unrewarding either. It is an interesting glimpse into the formation of the ‘screamo’ sound found in many other bands in the late Nineties. Of course, one can always wonder what would have happened had they managed to stick around longer….

Special thanks to “john” for the timely info/correction. Included below is the original article link and several additional sites of interest found when re-researching the band. Also, got rid of the “placeholder” picture and put up the proper LP graphic.

OEGP Info From Quebec Hardcore News
The Great American Steak Religion (Wikipedia)
One Eyed God Prophecy

~ by John Lithium on May 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “One Eyed God Prophecy – Discography”

  1. some good things you’ve been posting. care to exchange links?

  2. im pretty sure i have their lp on great american steak religion, an official release.

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