Statement Of Intent

This blog was created for the purpose of reviewing truly unique music groups, with a special emphasis towards independent groups and smaller labels, as well as rare albums and unusual sonic tastes. Most of the material here is still in print (or recently released), so if what you read intrigues and/or interests you, please support the groups by purchasing their work. In addition, the reviews will also include resources for additional information when possible. Finally, this blog also directs your attention to the right of the screen, where a guide to many excellent music blogs (of diverse natures and functions), record labels, and artists’ websites can be found.

Please note that this blog does not post links to full-album downloads. While it is a commonplace occurance in the music blog world, it ultimately hurts the respective music artists. There are many, many other blogs where you can find downloads if you choose to do so (although they will rarely review and/or promote the bands in question). Instead, as stated above, information is usually given on how to obtain the album (or links to history/info/availability if the work is out of print).

Bands and/or record labels: If you feel that what is reviewed on this site is similar to the work you create/promote and/or believe it is similar to what your listeners enjoy, feel free to send a request for me to review something. Although I cannot commit to an iron-clad gurantee that I will ultimately create a review, I will at least check out your material and/or listen to the album in question. However, if you do email me, and you respond to the effect of “I’ll get back to you…”, please do so! While that may sound odd, I have already recieved two requests by start-up record labels (several months ago) to check out their work, and the individuals never returned my email requesting for more information! It’s difficult to review entities you have no concrete information about!

Because I do not offer/provide downloads to full-length albums, my viewer traffic is understandably lighter than it might be otherwise. However, interest does peak every now and again (depending on what I am reviewing at the time). Currently, my writing is at a slow peak for various reasons, but I will soon be back to writing again, including finishing up some half-created reviews and several new reviews I have been wanting to write for a while.
Thank you for your continued patience and support.

– Chandler N.

~ by John Lithium on April 23, 2007.

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