Beyond Sensory Experience : The Dull Routine Of Existence

Beyond Sensory Experience : The Dull Routine Of Existence

This was certainly an interesting album to review. As I was listening to it, I realized that I was doing so under the best possible conditions: at five AM, with no sleep, in darkness except for the harsh glare of the monitor in front of me, as a small thunderstorm rumbled outside in the rain. “The Dull Routine Of Existence”, while being excellent dark ambience, is rarely dull. Instead, it paints a bleak picture of desolation, boredom, despair, and misery. With track titles such as “They All Say The Same Thing”, “Futile Resistance”, and “Escapism”, B.S.E. clearly sets out to portray the underside of existence.
Muted bass tones and drones are set against washes of understated synth tones, samples, and occasional piano, with the occasional distorted drum beats and echoing percussive elements penetrating the mix. “Walking Through Syrup”, another one of the track titles, is an apt description of the feel of the album, as songs slowly lumber along, with an interesting overall mix that seems equally informed by dark ambient, mood music, and (arguably) glitch. Yet they are never long for their own sake (only half of the songs go over five minutes), with the songs that do feeling full-formed rather than extravegently extended.
I also was struck by the name of the band when trying to describe this album. Beyond Sensory Experience…into the realm of pure emotion and feeling. This album acurrately induces feelings of “the dull routine of existence”; it is hard not to be slightly unsettled by this album. Not because it is disturbing or tense, but because (much like the Khanate “Things Viral” album) this is a work that allows for no happiness, no redemption, no hope, and no joy. Nor does it allow for easy genre classification, as tracks such as “The Dull Routine Of Existence” and album standout “Kverulant” (which is a foreign term for a cantankerous or difficult individual), with their prominent drum tracks and background guitar strumming, are far more active than traditional dark ambient will allow.
In short, this is a unique experience in music, unique even among their labelmates (CMI is known for releasing wildly different acts with only superficial similarities). Some people may not appreciate this album due to it’s very bleakness; then again, that’s the whole point. Also, without lyrics besides the occasional vocal sample, it helps convey the feelings of self-oppresion and stagnation that much better.
Life is suffering, but beyond that, it is also undeniably often of boredom as well. Let B.S.E. show you “The Dull Routine Of Existence”.

EDIT: Am massively reworking this blog. SLOWLY. Expect perhaps a few more graphical/structure updates and most likely a few post revision/deletions. This and more coming soon.

Cold Meat Industries
Beyond Sensory Experience

~ by John Lithium on March 30, 2007.

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  1. very great album i liked so much B.S.E did you want to exchange links?

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