Methadrone – Retrogression

Methadrone – Retrogression

While listening to this music, it is hard not to describe it in metaphoric terms. The most readily available adjective, however, is ‘huge’. The band, consisting of two bass guitars and programmed drums, manage to push out some punishing noise. The guitar tones themselves are relatively thick and reverberate throughout the mix, recalling at once similar drone bands such as Jesu, Khanate, Sunn O))), and especially Nadja, yet while their contemporaries often proceed at speeds slower than molasses, Methadrone manages to move at a relatively brisk pace without ever feeling rushed or forced. Their second demo (the first being titled ‘Erroneous Enlightenment’) is a collection of eight songs, each roughly around six minutes in length, usually with interesting song titles, such as ‘Ebullient Drift’ and ‘Transient Release’.

However, as this is technically a demo, there are a few minor inconsistencies associated with it. To begin, while the guitar tone is appropriately thick, the mix often sounds (for lack of a better term) muddy, with the (admittedly minimal & simplistic) drums/industrial elements often being buried underneath the guitars and feedback. Secondly, the songs themselves are very cyclical in nature. While there is song progression, each song will usually focus on a strength and stick with it. Thankfully, the arrangements are performed well enough that the lack of progression is merely a minor concern (however, more would have been appreciated, as well as a chance for the musicians to showcase their talents at a greater length). Also, unlike the previous demo, no vocals are present in these songs (except for the last track, which is untitled).

Despite this, ‘Retrogression’ is an impressive presentation, filled with epic songs that tend to stick into memory for a while after they are listened to (especially the tracks “Emotionless” and “Of Less Emotion”). The band is currently working on another full-length album (with many details to be forthcoming, apparently), but you can purchase either of their previous albums (as well as earlier work with other bands), from their website.

Nothingness Records:

~ by John Lithium on December 24, 2006.

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