About John Lithium


John Lithium is the pseudonym under which a certain 26 year old individual creates musical compositions, in addition to other artistic endeavors. His true identity is not immediately apparent, nor entirely relevant in this context.

“I have been creating electronic music since 2000, but did not ‘seriously’ do so until 2007. Some of the labels I have had the pleasure of working with include Amduscias Records, Timetheory, Not The Normal Shit, Treetrunk, Mr. Anticque, Witte Dood, Clinical Archives, Sounds Abound, Twilight Luggage, Dirgehead Distro, Dustin Must Die, Love Torture Records, in addition to a few who folded before anything substantial happened and one or two others.”

Despite his distaste of obvious dualities, his musical output falls under two categories (usually): the ‘experimental dark ambient industrial avant garde electronica drone’ of Terra Engine and the ‘power electronics industrial dark ambient noise drone’ of Nihil Obstat. Both were initiated in early 2007 over the remnants of earlier projects.

“Terra Engine is basically musical in nature, but also it tends to be somewhat philosophical and theoretically-minded as well. That is not to say that there is no ’emotional’ output on the songs, but the material I release is usually themed in nature with something I am interested in or exploring at the time. Nihil Obstat, on the other hand, is mostly improvisational. Although it falls under the ‘sonic’ definition of ‘power electronics’/’noise’, I wanted to create something that would not pander to ‘the scene’ or ‘the usual expectations’. Specifically, by not engaging in ‘shock value’ for it’s own sake. Not that I necessarily condone or condemn bands/musicians who utilize such tactics (they have the free will to do as they please), although I will admit that, personally, I do not agree with many of the views presented and promoted. Thankfully, there are quite a few noise acts out there simply content to create noise for it’s own sake, rather than (somewhat forcefully, in many cases) use it as an ideological megaphone”.

He is also the co-founder (along with Interesting Specimen, of “The Jesus Fish Experience”) of Argali Records Netlabel, a net-label founded to promote hi-fidelity experimental music of a wide variety of genres and experiences. In addition to releasing the music through Archive.org, Mr. Lithium is also (usually) responsible for the graphic design of the albums as well. After an extended hiatus, due to work concerns, Argali is slowly preparing to become active once again.

“In addition to my musical concerns, I am also a writer (by education, if not by professional, at least not yet), philosopher, agnostic Zen spiritualist, video game enthusiast, photographer, an insomniac, and rather laid-back in nature.”

“There might be more to mention, but really, in the end, all I am interested in is creating unusual/meaningful music and noise. I hope you enjoy these creations. Cheers.”

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