News VI

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Updated the discography page.
Hooray. :)


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a dark place small

-New ‘retrospective/rarities’ release from my pre-John Lithium project “Terra Engine”,featuring archival material recorded between 2007 and 2010. Download it here: (Free Download)


-After several delays, the next Argali Records compilation is finally released: a massive four-hour collection of experimental music, entitled “An Analysis Of The Past: The Genesis Of Experimental Processes”. The concept of this album was for bands/musicians to submit a track among their earliest presentable experimental recordings. As stated in the official write-up for the compilation: Twenty-five bands answered the call, resulting in a massive four-hour collection. Genres include industrial (in a very wide assortment of styles), glitched-out acoustic, ambient, rock-flavored cut-up collages, electronica, atmospheric power electronics, long-form synth improvisations, noise, guitar soundscapes, and (as always it seems with Argali compilations) many permutations, subversion, and mutations of the above-stated genres.

Download it here: ( or here: (Bandcamp)

-Other than that, I don’t have any specific plans for what is next yet…currently taking some time off in terms of music and the label…


News IV

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-Eighteen minute remix of a Mister Vapor track ( Highly experimental, pure drone bliss!.

-John Lithium also contributed a long, multi-movement track to the Brownian e/motion(s) compilation “To The Prettiest One, Volume IV”. An epic review of this compilation can be found here.

-This massive double-LP was released (collectively) on New Years Day 2014. The end result of several months of work, this is the successor to the previous compilation album “Fragments Of Persona“, and is a collection of material recorded between 2011 – 2013.

-Contributed the track “In The Dark” to the Brownian e/motion(s) compilation, focused on the prevailing sense of dread, paranoia, and unease we currently face.

-Argali Records released an album by “Flat Affect” entitled “Lobotomized Vol. 1“, collecting several rare tracks from out-of-print splits. As mentioned on the album page, “On this release, Flat Affect exudes a toxic auditory haze: an amalgamation of industrial, noise, power electronics, and drone, accentuated at points by obscured glimpses into the foreboding maelstrom of human interactions.”

-The Lithium Industries Soundcloud page continues to be updated on a semi-regular basis. Beats, drone, experimental noise, electronica…you never know what will show up next. Also, I cannot stress enough that many tracks may not remain permanently on the profile. As nearly all are Creative Commons licensed (Attribution), it is actively encouraged that you download and utilize/augment/disrupt these tracks as you see fit…


No specific plans right now. The “Music For The Rest Of Us” and “Stereo Ate My Last Tape” archives STILL need to be looked through, examined, organized, and/or fixed, but unfortunately it might be a while before this happens. No new reviews will be forthcoming until this is completed.

We would also like to release one or two more albums on Argali Records for the first quarter of 2014. Unfortunately, we are not taking unsolicited submissions at the moment, so the delay comes in us seeking YOU out, rather than the other way around. Also, for the foreseeable future, we are NOT releasing multiple albums by the same musician/band unless WE specifically agree to do so.

Also, the “The Road Ahead” compilation will be (eventually) taking new submissions. At this point, it is being updated roughly five tracks at a time. More info on this to be announced…

Hopefully this covers everything. As always, thank YOU very much for yr interest and support.

News III

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-Nihil Obstat had a long-form experimental noise track included on the “Secret Contatcs: Illuminati Compilation” compilation. Listen/Download here:

–John Lithium has a short (but sweet) track on the third volume of the “To The Prettiest One” series of compilations, dedicated to Discordianism. Listen/Download here:

-Another John Lithium track has surfaced on the “Richard Likes It Slow (A Remake Of The Carpenters – “The Singles 1969 – 1973)”:

-Finally, a third John Lithium track has been submitted to yet another compilation, which should be released (hopefully) soon…

-Rounding out this update is the release of the Argali Records Netlabel compilation “THE ROAD AHEAD”, featuring many choice cuts of experimental techno, electronica, glitch and ambience. Check it out here: We were also fortunate enough to have a very kind review by the “Yes We Know It Sucks Blog”. You can find that here: It is also important to point out that this project has no set deadline for submissions, so if you like what you hear and/or feel you have something to contribute, go here ( for submission guidelines/details.

-The discography page is now up-to-date.

-As you might have noticed, the “Music For The Rest Of Us” and “Stereo Ate My Last Tape” blogs from Blogger now have their home on WordPress (for a variety of reasons). These archives have been imported in an ‘as is’ state, and unfortunately I have not been able to check to make sure the formatting came through correctly etc. Hopefully will be able to work on that soon…

-On a similar note, some of the tags are slightly misplaced/etc…



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-The Lithium Industries Soundcloud ( is still being updated on a semi-regular basis…
-John Lithium submitted a track for the upcoming third volume of the Discordian compilation “To The Prettiest One” (
-John Lithium submitted a track for the upcoming N(SAtan) compilation (no link yet).
-John Lithium released a collection of tracks recorded during 2011 through 2013 under the name Nathan J Carter. The album is called “Fragments Of Persona” and can be found here (
-Nihil Obstat submitted a long-form noise improvisation to this compilation (
-The album “LITHIUM TOOLBOX III” (, a collection of soundscapes, will be deleted from the Lithium Industries Bandcamp due to a variety of reasons. If you wish to download the current tracks in the collection, now is the time to do it.
-Argali Records Netlabel is still seeking contributions to the upcoming “The Road Ahead” compilation. There is no set deadline release for this project, but after the initial page has been set up, we will update with tracks every so often. Here is the link if you are interested ( If you submit something, PLEASE submit something previously unreleased and exclusive to this compilation! Do not submit previously released material. IMPORTANT: We received a rush of submissions at one time and are currently working on the backlog. If you submit something, it might be a day before we can respond to you. Thank you for your patience.

Luxurious Dagger : Glue Factory (ARGREC20)

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Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Argali Records plunges headfirst into the strange and fascinating world of twisted plunderphonic collage soundscapes with this short, but sweet EP by Luxurious Dagger.

Appropriated (or should that be ‘liberated’ instead) from the detritus of a turbulent pop culture ocean, “Glue Factory” is a deliriously miasma fusion of ephemeral proclamations and percussive elements, bent and twisted to shift uneasily around the psyche of the listener. Will easily appeal to fans of The Residents, Nurse With Wound, Negativland, very early Foetus, Contgaious Orgasm, Snog, and Severed Heads.

Marvin Ferguson, of the projects Luxurious Dagger (, a self-titled project (, and the group Fag Rabbit (, deftly mixes the playfully surreal with the hypnotically esoteric on this release.

Music that’ll make you want more.
You’ll really like it.

This is ARGREC20.


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[Submissions at: c h a n d l e r n [ a t ] g m a i l [ d o t ] c o m

Argali Records Netlabel is now accepting submissions for the upcoming compilation “The Road Ahead”.  For this project, we are mainly looking for experimental electronica, avant-garde music, industrial, IDM/glitch and similar sub-strains of these genres. However, we are not limiting submissions to these directions. When in doubt, send in a song and we will tell you what we think. If you need examples of what we are about and examples of what we are looking for, feel free to check out some of the previous releases on Argali, the previous compilation “Time Will Pass”, or some our allied netlabel friends.

Currently there is no concrete deadline for when submissions can be submitted. For the sake of this text, a tentative date of July 1st has been set, although this may be changed if needed. Though this will most likely will not be an issue, Argali Records reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason (when in doubt, ask…we don’t bite). IMPORTANT: When you submit your song, please be sure to clearly label your file with your project/song name. If you have a site/Soundcloud/etc, feel free to include that as well. We will be including an ‘band/musician’ list in the linear notes and/or graphic design of the finished project.

Pictures/Art: We are also accepting graphics/art submissions for this compilation as well. Augment your auditory experience with a visual component! In terms of what we will NOT accept, see above (basically no overly graphic/political material etc), but in terms of what we WILL accept we are basically saying almost anything goes here (especially since this is the first time the graphic design of the release was not either handled in house or by one specific individual). While Argali releases graphics usually are around 1500×1500 or 3000×1500 (basically ‘cd booklet/cover’ format), we will accept smaller or larger images (as long as it’s larger than a thumbnail and smaller than a two-bedroom apartment). Images can be sent to the email listed above, the same basic rules apply (clearly label the file, etc).

Conceptual Food For Thought: No set theme, although given that the previous compilation regarded the advent of 2012 and the various theories, concepts, and prophecies associated with the end of that year, anything vaguely futurist and/or hopeful would be greatly appreciated.


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